NZ Mototrials

Posted Results

ID Name Date Club
14552 Hawkes Bay April Club Trial 8th of April, 2018 (Sunday) Hawkes Bay
14434 Ixion March (Judds) 18th of March, 2018 (Sunday) Ixion
14445 MOMCC March Trial 18th of March, 2018 (Sunday) MOMCC
14500 Hamilton Rnd 1 25th of February, 2018 (Sunday) Hamilton MCC
14495 Hawkes Bay February Club Trial 18th of February, 2018 (Sunday) Hawkes Bay
14444 MOMCC Pink & Manning Shield 18th of February, 2018 (Sunday) MOMCC
14433 Ixion February (Woods') 11th of February, 2018 (Sunday) Ixion
14515 Royalty Trial 4th of February, 2018 (Sunday) Taranaki Moto Trials Club
14438 MOMCC January Trial 21st of January, 2018 (Sunday) MOMCC
14432 Ixion January (Glover's) 7th of January, 2018 (Sunday) Ixion
14129 Hawkes Bay December Trial 10th of December, 2017 (Sunday) Hawkes Bay
13725 BSA Shield 19th of November, 2017 (Sunday) MOMCC
13784 SCB Rnd 6 12th of November, 2017 (Sunday) Taranaki Moto Trials Club
14128 Hawkes Bay November Trial () 12th of November, 2017 (Sunday) Hawkes Bay
14344 Ixion November (Kapiti 4x4) 5th of November, 2017 (Sunday) Ixion